EU budget for the future – the road ahead

October 26, 2018

EU budget for the future – the road ahead

European Commission, 12th October 2018

While the final arrangements about Brexit are being processed, the European Commission organized a conference on how to better the distribution of its funds taking into account the further European context. Plenty of European institutions’ members gathered to discuss about this wide issue, giving their point of view about which ones should be, in their opinion, the best areas in which invest European Union’s funds.


The importance of keeping up the Erasmus programme was underlined, since one of the main aims of the European Union is to keep and increase connections in the European territory.

Another important area that is, according to the participants of the conference, worthy of funds is the infrastructure; Rokas Masiulis, the Minister of Transport and Communications of Lithuania, reminded us to not forget its key role, since the development of many countries, such as Lithuania, happened also because of a good infrastructure. Also the Common Agricultural Policy was really successful in these countries and, even though the necessity of cuts in the European budget due to new difficulties such as Brexit, the European Union should continue to properly fund the Common Agricultural Policy and keep working together to build a sustainable society.

Another issue addressed during the conference was the importance of a good defence and a suitable management of the borders, as part of a broader strategy to better the connections between the European countries.

Furthermore, societies outside the European Union were not forgotten: in particular, Helle Thorning – Schmidt (former Prime Minister of Denrmark) reminded us the importance of children outside European territories and their education.

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