GIS in the European Union

November 9, 2018

GIS in the European Union

Hilton Brussels Grand Place, Brussels,Belgium, 7th and 8th November 2018

In the context of the EU Summit, the third edition of the Geographic Information System was about applying location intelligence in order to enable decision and policy making process. During the meeting it was highlighted the importance of puting in common and order a huge amount of information in order to provided interesting data to help daily peoples life, enterprises work, and government tasks.

Accordingly, creative examples of how to organized data through maps were put in common.

In that sense, Jeffrey Peters, Director of Global Business Development in Esri, talked about the big changes that are happening in geographical issues and the importance of sharing information in order to create smart cities which could operate in real time through Geographic Information Systems. Regarding this idea, very interesting and specific initiatives were showed to the audience as Moses and Clara projects in order to provide water to crops taking to account a big amount of information related to soil and whether for a determinate place and time.

Also, it seemed very worthy the National Geographic Institute of Belgium initiative which allow authorities and specialized staff security to act in case of emergency. Further, speakers as Ingrid Vanden Berghe underscore not to forget the important role that nowadays play in our society mapping agencies and information brokering.

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