Building Climate Resilience

Friends of Europe HQ, 24th April 2018

The exponential rise in the intensity and frequency of extreme events have largely proofed that the nexus between climate and resilience is becoming more and more evident. Throughout the conference “Building Climate Resilience”, Friends of Europe caught the occasion to open the debate on how could we feasibly build resilient states and communities to enable local territories and stakeholders to decrease their exposure to vulnerabilities and consequently, to better absorb changes.


Among the speakers, we had the opportunity to meet Mr. Brown (UNEP), Ms. Kelly (Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies), Mr. Maire (Chief Resilience Officer for the City of Paris) and Mr. Ruehle (NATO), moderated by Mr. Kanani.

By 2050, more than 2/3 of world population will live in urban areas. Hence, it is fundamental to accelerate resilient development strategy and risk reduction by enabling a multi-stakeholders and holistic strategic planning, as experienced by the interdepartmental cooperation by the city of Paris. Even thought, two challenges to building a pathway for resilience still need to be figure out. First, local authorities still lack a clear set of tools to strengthen their capacity. Second, even though governance is the enabling process to produce an integrated and multi-sectorial resilience plan, cooperation among stakeholders and political will appear to be a big challenge to be overcome case by case throughout awareness, common vision and open debate.

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