Cluster meeting for European Policy experimentation projects 2016
Support for policy reform, initiatives for policy innovation 

European Commission (Brussels), 18th September 2018

Under the Project of EACEA 34/2015 ten European policy experimentation projects were selected in the field of education, training and youth. On the 18 September 2018 participants met for the third time to share information about how their projects, which sometimes are shared with partners from others countries, are going, to expose their difficulties and to try to find common solutions.

 In a very interactive meeting, representatives of each project pointed out the importance of being supported from their own Minister of Education in order to achieve the aim pursued in their project. Also, they highlighted that direct involvement of European Commission staff in the projects would be useful in order to have a better point of view of the difficulties a project has to face. For instance, there are some social differences between countries that share a common project.

    Moreover, participants felt it is difficult to develop projects in long term such as educational ones, where it is not so easy to find immediately concrete solutions, as politicians would like. However, they valued the chance to put in common their thinking in order to improve their projects, especially by asking if their projects are good proposals and by showing their willingness to change them.

    After a workshop session in which they tried to answer to questions such as “Why experimentation in education is important?”, “What makes education policy difficult?” or “What are elegant next steps to achieve the change they want to achieve?”, they had the opportunity to ask EACEA staff about specific issues related to their projects. In the last part of the meeting the need for a bridge to close the gap between European education policy and daily teaching was underlined.

    The whole session was moderated by Tatiana Niskacova and Erik Ballhausenand, respectively Head of Sector and Project Adviser of EACEA, Unit A1. Ivar Staffa, Project Officer of DG Education and Culture Unit A1, gave a brief overview of the updates on the latest policy developments. Also Tom Muller, Luxembourger Ministry of Education, Borut Campelj, Slovenian Ministry of Education, and Neli Koleva, member of “Teach for Bulgaria”, participated in the meeting giving a thought about their involvement in some projects that have already been concluded.

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