RAW MATERIALS WEEK: Drivers and Solutions for Integrating Information in the EU Raw Materials Knowledge Base

Le Plaza Hotel, 15th November 2018

The third edition on ''Raw Materials'' took place from Monday 12 to Friday 16 November in Brussels. This event organized by the European Commission had the objective of providing the latest news on raw materials in the EU. These sessions offered the opportunity to discuss and exchange about all relevant issues (policy, technology, international cooperation, etc).

#BeCircular Annual Meeting 2018

Tour & Taxis, Brussels, 24th October 2018

In Brussels it was held the annual meeting of the Circular Economy Regional Program entitled « Bruxelles, Région pionnière en économie circulaire». This conference wanted to show the different actions that make the Brussels-Capital Region a pioneering in the topic.The circular approach represents a concrete chance for the European Union. It would generate new economic advantages that will regard business competitiveness, innovation, and job opportunities.

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Blended Erasmus + for Higher Education professionals – a leap into the future

European Economic and Social Committee, Brussel, Belgium, 24th October 2018

After two years of implemented some sorts of blended mobility, it was organised by European Economic and Social Committee a conference in order to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the programs behind BEST + (Blended Erasmus Staff Training) as the Alcala Staff Training, the BEST+Lodz – International student experience, and the BEST+ Joensuu – International attractiveness of universities.

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GIS in the European Union

Hilton Brussels Grand Place, Brussels,Belgium, 7th and 8th November 2018

In the context of the EU Summit, the third edition of the Geographic Information System was about applying location intelligence in order to enable decision and policy making process. During the meeting it was highlighted the importance of puting in common and order a huge amount of information in order to provided interesting data to help daily peoples life, enterprises work, and government tasks.

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The importance of adult education 

Brussels Education Centre and Ellipsgebouw, 16th and 17th October 2018

On the 16th and 17th October, two conferences related to adult education have taken place in Brussels:

  • “Transforming lives, society and adult education through Life Skills”
  • “Transforming lives, society and adult education through outreach, empowerment and diversity"

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H2020 Energy Info Day: Smart citizen-centred energy system and Smart Cities and Communities

Charlemagne building (Brussels), 5th October 2018.

The Horizon 2020 Energy info day took place on the 5th October in Brussels, in the Charlemagne building. It presented the upcoming funding opportunities offered by the EU's H2020 Programme to projects focusing on smart energy systems and smart cities and communities concepts.

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1st ECCO Policy Workshop on Multidisciplinary Cancer Care.

University Foundation Room Félicien Cattier Rue d'Egmont 11 1000 Brussels, Belgium,31st October 2018

Today we present a topic that currently affects all kinds of people regardless of gender and age, we are talking about Cancer, and the importance of good treatment and the application of good policies so that the result is the patient's good health.

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EU budget for the future – the road ahead

European Commission, 12th October 2018

While the final arrangements about Brexit are being processed, the European Commission organized a conference on how to better the distribution of its funds taking into account the further European context. Plenty of European institutions’ members gathered to discuss about this wide issue, giving their point of view about which ones should be, in their opinion, the best areas in which invest European Union’s funds.

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Energy efficiency and energy management: Tailored approach and roadmap for SMEs and other stakeholders

CEN-CENELEC Center (Brussels), 27th September 2018

The conference was celebrated the last 27 of September in CEN-CENELEC Centre, to provide the vision about what is coming in energy efficiency for 2030 in EU territories.The plenary started with a policymaker needs presentation giving the different point of view by the various sectors related.

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