WiFi4EU – The fourth and final call is open

June 1, 2020

[pb_row][pb_column span=”span12″][pb_text el_title=”WiFi4EU call” width_unit=”%” enable_dropcap=”no” appearing_animation=”0″ ]The fourth and final WiFi4EU call will open on 3 June at 1pm, which was to open in March and was suspended due to the COVID-19 emergency. WiFi4EU, is the initiative financed by the Mechanism to connect Europe – Telecommunications sector, created to offer free WiFi connectivity for citizens and visitors of European cities in public places such as squares, public buildings, libraries, parks, health centers etc. Through this call, grants will be paid for the installation of WiFi hot-spots in the municipalities (or equivalent bodies) of the EU, as well as Iceland and Norway, for free connectivity that will help to bridge the digital divide, in particular in the communities in delay in terms of digital literacy (including rural areas and remote communities), and to improve access to online services, such as e-health, thus also promoting the development of local SMEs. The grants will be provided in the form of a voucher worth € 15,000 to cover the costs of the installations of the WiFi hot-spots, which can be used to create a new public WiFi network or to enhance or extend an existing one. The call will remain open until 4 June at 5 pm. The available budget amounts to € 14.205 million and will allow for the delivery of 947 vouchers. The complete application form is available here http://www.europafacile.net/Scheda/Bando/34602[/pb_text][/pb_column][/pb_row]

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